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Why choose .COM.AU domain names? 

.COM.AU IS KING in the Australian domain world. Here is a list of the benefits for registering a domain for your Australian business, and why it’s well worth the investment. 

1. Positive impacts on SEO & Google Ranking

Having a domain name helps Google understand where your business operates from. If you use a .com, Google has a harder time ranking you for local searches and would be dependant on other elements of your website to know which market you service.

2. Helps with Search Engine & Google Searching

A  may be the clincher for your customers when choosing between search results. For example if a search returns two sites, one .com and the other a, an Australian consumer is more likely to click on the as more often than not they’re searching for local businesses.

3. Direct Website Traffic

If a customer already knows your business name, they may also type your website directly into their search engine. For Australians, it is second nature to type in so you could risk losing many customers if you’ve opted for a less common domain extension like or .sydney for example. 

4. Recognition & trust

Australian consumers recognise and trust domain name extensions as Aussies are already used to seeing them in advertising and when dealing with Australian businesses. When customers land on a website they are reassured they’re dealing with a local business which increases buyer confidence.

5. Show the world you’re authentically Australian domains show customers they’re dealing with an Australian business. This is especially handy for businesses that offer local services or for online sites that ship goods around Australia. When my customers land on (for example), they can be sure they’re not dealing with an overseas company as eligibility for a must be proven with an ABN or ACN.

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